AOL Ventures’ mobile app demos go 3D and 4D

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By Dennis Clemente

Would you rather play Candy Crush or make one just as successful? Last May 28, AOL Ventures played host to a diverse mix of mobile apps that show you how to create a business plan, bank in a snap, track consumer behavior, provide enterprise solutions and experience 3D and 4D all in an app.

Problemio founder Alex Genadinik showed how his business plan app works, including how it can be used as collaboration tool. Being highly ranked on iTunes with over 150,000 downloads, many people clearly want to own their business someday. The app is also available on Android.

Now if you want to enable your business for mobile, Art Chang’s AppOrchard is going to talk to you about his team of iOS insiders and former Apple and NeXT software engineers and their background in producing mobile systems across the finance, retail, media, healthcare, education and other industries.

Chang said AppOrchard digs deep into an organization to understand business models to create premium enterprise apps.

Not all tech startups focus online. Nomi is offering a service that tracks consumer behavior across online channels and in physical stores.

Nomi has strong backing from several venture capitalists. This year, it reportedly raised $3 million in seed funding in a round led by First Round Capital, with Greycroft Partners, SV Angel, Forerunner Ventures, among others.

Founded by Salesforce and Buddy Media, Nomi provides retailers with a mobile analytics and engagement platform which integrates existing CRM, loyalty and e-commerce platforms. In physical stores, however, Wesley Barrow said it can only pull in data from Wi-Fi-enabled phones.

Another app presenter, Refundo, seems unbridled for a company that focuses on compliant-reliant financial services. Demonstrating the app, Refundo’s CEO Roger Chinchilla showed how anyone can open an FDIC-insured bank account from their mobile phone—under a minute.

“We are targeting the unbanked and there are 68 million of them,” he said. “We are also KYC (Know Your Customer)-compliant.”

KYC refers to due diligence activities that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to ascertain relevant information for their clients for the purpose of doing business with them.

Launched this year, Chinchilla said you can also access thousands of ATMs and cash deposit locations nationwide, and equips bank customers with a personalized Refundo debit Mastercard. For the cash deposits, he has partnered with Western Union nationwide. You can also choose to load money by scanning another card.

On the safety of the app, he said its 100% encrypted. “We get your routing and account numbers. We don’t store sensitive information.”

One app that does store information—and lots of it is SPUN, a news site that targets the best articles from thousands of users based on who they are, where they are, and what they like.

“We have an editorial team as consultants,” founder Scott Lindenbaum said.

How is it different from any other news aggregation site? Lindenbam demonstrated by a quick turn, how the top stories appear in a 3D cube. The stories show a virtual revolving cube with sound effects.

The news categories include Top Stories, Lifestyle, Entertainment. You can expect to see stories from the Business Insider, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, CNN, BuzzFeed, Consumerist, Betabeat, and many more.

If SPUN is 3D, Moveable is 4D or so it seems for founder Steve Schultz, the last presenter of the night. The name was inspired from the book by Ernest Hemingway, “Moveable Feast.”

Schultz described his app 4D for the immersive experience of his app where you blend maps, sounds, images and stories to create your own multimedia world. “Moveable immerses you in locations.”

For the artistic, Schultz said Moveable converts you to a storyteller, a traveler, a filmmaker, a journalist, even an explorer. The curated paths, he said, follow you forever as you can share the experience with just a few taps.

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