Gilt, DomandTom, EachScape enjoy upswing in mobile shopping behavior

By Dennis Clemente

Mobile shopping sites and developers are raking in the dough. In 2012, people spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets, an increase of 81 percent from the year before, according to e-marketer, which compiles data from 120 sources that track consumers.

Gilt City (, Dom and Tom ( and EachScape (, have got it made in the mobile arena. If the numbers hold up, they will be part of the mobile’s $87 billion earnings (a quarter of e-commerce) by 2016.

At the Mobile & Commerce Demo last March 13, the three companies showed us how they have made a strong mobile presence, showing us the various features of their respective businesses, especially the usability of their apps.

Twins Dom and Tom Tancredi (hence Dom & Tom, Inc) might as well have showed up with Google glasses—telling us how those glasses will revolutionize mobile shopping.

Based in Manhattan and Chicago with a satellite office in Las Vegas, Dom and Tom started in mobile and web development in 2009. Today, it has grown into a full service design and development studio specializing in emerging technologies for web, social media, e-commerce, interactive, and mobile platforms.

Dom said they use every language needed to make sure their apps work in different devices. Asked about examples of great apps, Dom said of Priceline, “It has the best API documentation I’ve ever seen.”


Gilt’s turn to present drew an enthusiastic applause, proving its huge popularity among marketers and shoppers alike. The local lifestyle site founded in 2009 offers memorable adventures and exclusive offers, at insider prices every day at noon.

These include getting great deals in the very best restaurants, spas, salons, exclusive events and shows in the city. Its curators comb through hundreds of neighborhoods and local businesses to bring compelling offers in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Its studio in Brooklyn provides Gilt the striking images one finds on the Web and mobile site.

Chris Rodriguez of Gilt’s mobile development division says Gilt has achieved quite a feat. The app has been downloaded 4 million times, has accounted for 45 percent of the site’s traffic for the past 4 months, and has so far enjoyed 30% of its revenue.

How do you like your Gilt? One feature that Rodriguez said people may want to try is for people to take a photo of, say, a color they saw somewhere using their iPhone and find that color on the Gilt site’s range of products.

EachScape, for its part, showed how they have “magazined” retail sites such as Lookbook and Nine West stores. EachScape is an open platform that gives people the power to rapidly create professional mobile apps with an intuitive drag & drop interface. A suite of pre-built “Blocks” provide professional quality, cutting-edge mobile features. You can also build your own exclusive “PowerBlocks” to make your mobile application unique.

EachScape works with third-party developers that can build and contribute new components, or ‘Blocks’. Blocks do just about anything: Augmented Reality, Audio Recognition, Mapping, or any other kind of enhancement that will make every application or mobile site unique, exciting, and more powerful. This means its clients gain access to a full-blown mobile ecosystem.

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