How to promote, use PR for your mobile gaming app

By Dennis Clemente

Making a great mobile gaming app is only half the battle, getting people to notice it is the other half. That is where public relations work comes into the picture, according to TriplePoint’s Sam Dalsimer, director of TriplePoint PR New York.

Dalismer gave the mobile app owners a PR how-to at the Deep Dive meetup at the Microsoft Building last September 3 based on TriplePoint’s experience working with successful mobile games like Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga and Pocket God.

With over 800,000 apps in the iTunes App store, Dalismer said it’s more important than ever to consider having a PR plan. “PR is an important piece of the overall marketing mix,” he said. “It can impact your outcome.”

But where do you even begin? Dalismer said it’s important to figure out your messaging and positioning early—your USP, differentiators and key themes. “Think early and often during development. Plan and build awareness as you go. It’s important to prepare campaign in time for the launch of your app.”

Identifying your targets is essential– and appeal to them accordingly, making sure you’ve done your home work. “A little research goes a long way.”

How do you make media take notice of your app? “You’ve got to have a review of your app, a trailer and trips or strategy guides,” he said.

But how do you even get media to call you back? “Offer a great UX, localize app in as many languages as possible offer media an exclusive story about your app, create content in forums, follow blogs and go to events—WWDC, GDC, PAX,” he said.

“It’s ok to follow up media, but don’t annoy them,” he stressed.

But how do you measure the success of your PR effort? Keep this in mind:
• Know impressions/circulation as well as SEO, sales & downloads
• Find out the social chatter about your app
• Think of quality of users you have
• Also check out for data

The talk was aimed at the predominant mobile gaming audience but it applies to anyone with an app these days.

Dalismer said you can do your own PR initiatives, but asked how much hiring one would cost you? For 2 months work, it could range from 8,000 to 12,000. Or if that is too much for you, one month for some agencies cost about $2,000.
In closing, Dalismer reminded everyone that PR isn’t just about press releases it’s about taking the story and telling the right people

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