Among 60 startups in expo, Hotels By Day lets you find last-minute deals

NEW YORK–Last November 3, Alley Boost held a half-day startup expo featuring more than 60 startups at La Venue on 12th Avenue, blocks away from the Javits Convention Center.

Many of the startups came from AlleyBoost’s meetups like Hotels By Day; it’s for those looking to find rooms on the same day. It’s definitely for travelers who need to find rooms last minute. Hotels By Day was the favorite in a show-and-tell demo some months back.

With the sharing economy gaining favor, Triggr is looking at having its laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up service a hit among New Yorkers.

Tommy Tranfaglia of Dream It Reel offers video editing services with huge discounts for early registrants to his site.

Justworks was also at the expo but since it mainly handles human resources and payroll matters in the US, Global Tax a few tables down helps assist foreign startups. For legal advice, Moisan Legal P.C. utilizes technology to foster a collaborative client/attorney interaction. It aims at providing an ongoing strategic resource to enable businesses to operate effectively.

Zuznow is dedicated to providing a sophisticated platform for automatically converting any web application, no matter how complex the design of functionality. CEO Chen Levkovich was at the expo.

How would you like to give your phone’s lock a makeover? With Go Locker, you can convert it to look like cubed tiles or animated characters.

Jessica Tang of Smart Vision Labs was giving away forms for people to have their eyes tested for free. “We can come to your office to offer an eye exam to your employees,” she said.

Majestyk, which wowed us months ago with its successful Kickstarter-funded Cognitoys, was at the expo to promote something different–its app development service with its heavy concentration on branding. It prides itself in creating a seamless user experience for any brands that need to make its apps work across different platforms. Gonzo Estupinan said he is also in the business of web and app development.

Sports Wonks is a sports social network that gives fans and athletes a platform to share their thoughts, get the latest news and highlights, and more.

Not all startups had sites or apps to promote. Meraj Mohammad said he offers insights on “testosterone living,” as he eventually hopes to provide an online resource for those interested in the subject.

AlleyBoost’s expo was meant for startups to find business opportunities, generate leads, connect with investors and find talent. For attendees, it was a chance to see early startups which, in turn, also become opportunities for job-seekers, the media and investors to network and stumble upon some diamonds in the rough.

Dennis Clemente

Shuttling between New York and other US cities, Dennis writes about tech meetups when he's not too busy working as a Web Developer/Producer + UX Writer and Digital Marketer.

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