Caring for your cat and skin with a device and app

NEW YORK—It was not your typical meetup in the city. For one, it was scheduled on a Friday night last December 18 (most meetups in the city are from Monday to Thursday). Second, it was held at a store, the new Microsoft Flagship Store on the shopping district of Fifth Avenue. But the crowd trickled in to watch the presentation of devices at the meetup curiously billed “Understanding Live Video Streaming with Periscope and Meerkat.”

Lee Miller presented Kittyo, a Kickstarter-initiated device (priced at $249) and app for viewing, recording, playing with and dispensing treats to pet cats. It is available on iOS and Android .

“Cats love chasing laser (beams),” Miller said, showing how the lasers work to preoccupy the cats, especially when their owners are not around. As soon as he showed the lasers, the audience crowded around the device, impressing many, even the shoppers curious to see what was going on. To keep it from tipping over, Miller said it can be harnessed with a clamp.

If you’re curious how long it took Kittyo to materialize, Miller said 2 years. Someone suggested having a cat to go with Miller’s demo but everyone knows how nonchalant cats can be–and in a crowded space like the Microsoft Store, a challenging proposition.

How would you like a device to be your personal skin coach?

OKU is an iPhone connected anti-aging device and app designed specifically to help you get your skin into its best shape.

How does it work? You connect OKU to your iPhone, download the App, answer a few simple questions about yourself to get started, scan your skin using its device and get real-time, personalized skincare advice.

It reportedly uses a special and safe light source to illuminate the skin’s layers. This visible light penetrates a few millimeters of the skin and its imager reads tissue structure like oil glands, collagen and elastin.

The meetup was hosted by Silicon Alley Council.


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