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NEW YORK–At Rise New York last February 29, the IBM Watson Cognitive Meetup demonstrated how businesses can apply Watson IoT solutions and drive disruptions in the physical world, so you can improve and lower costs, create products and business models and drive engagement and customer experiences.

Cognitive IoT reportedly represents 25 billion installed IoT devices by 2020; $3.6 trillion in potential impact per year by 2020 with $70 billion in IoT B2B value.  

How does IBM Watson works? Main speaker Bambi Grundwerg explained it simply as cognitive technology that processes information more like a human. From its early years when it competed in Jeopardy some years back, Watson has certainly acted like a diligent student and is now linking the physical and digital worlds to transform businesses in IoT. It is learning how to analyze speech (tone analyzer), understand phrase words (emotion analysis) and expressive text to speech (visual recognition).

With Cognitive IoT, IBM is testing the limits of programmable computing. It is not explicitly programmed but Watson learns from experiences with the environment and experiences with people. It brings machine learning to systems and processes to better understand goals, integrate and analyze relevant data.

How will companies benefit? IBM helps clients achieve better business outcomes with IoT by taking data from multiple sources, even social sentiment.  

“The data that comes out of IoT can help you create new products,” Grundwerg said.  

Where can you find IoT in the real world? Examples include all facets of travel— the airport, in travel booking, the airplane, the flight data, etc. There are 600,000 parts in an airplane with potential for a huge number of (attaching) sensors,” Weed said.

Cognitive IoT can be used to understand traffic congestion. Put an Android phone on, say, a garbage truck, look at accelerometers, find out travel time and get road condition data to improve movement of trucks or fix routes.

“We write the application. You deploy,” Grundwerg said.

To realize your your IoT potential and help you capitalize on the connected world, IBM has more hands-on knowledge and information at IoT Academy.With host Bruce Weed, Grundwerg announced a new competition amounting to $5 million in mid-May. Connect and play with the IoT Platform at

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