What early stage CleanTech startups can expect from incubator

NEW YORK–CleanTech was the big topic at the Japan NYC Startups meetup last June 6 at Pivotal Labs. Jiro Otsuka, program manager at Urban Future Lab/ACRE at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, talked about how the cleantech business incubator and how it supports early stage companies in the industry.


NYC ACRE is a cleantech, smart grid and sustainable, smart cities incubator that supports early stage business ventures with innovative technologies and new business models for a greener, smarter and more connected world.

NYC ACRE offers an extensive community of cleantech industry stakeholders as well as exclusive access to professional services. The incubator grows its member startups from prototypes and pilots phases to fully commercialized entities.

Companies that are accepted into the incubator program get a shared office space in Brooklyn on top of mentors and advisors to guide them. They are also introduced to an extensive network of industry contacts, and customized support services.

If you have a cleantech idea, one can count on the fact that New York City is positioning itself as the future of energy innovation in the US and NYC ACRE it throwing its support in various ways, including the way it positions itself on climate change. Otsuka said there is a need to need to reduce fossil fuel use.

ACRE hopes to grow an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, international companies, and innovative local businesses that provide solutions to climate and energy issues in NYC. Marketing, design, art, engineering, and data science will all be required in this effort.

How does one apply?

Otsuka said applicant companies undergo a VC style due diligence process. As a result, less than 10 percent of companies have been accepted. However, once you’re in, you’ll receive comprehensive services and benefits—from direction, consultation with and introduction to market channel partners, decision makers, investors and many more.

Plus, there’s no equity cost and a very low monthly membership rate.

Mentors provide counsel, pitching and pitching practice as well as researchers and seasoned entrepreneurs for product development. Professional services include access to financial, accounting, legal, sales, marketing, and design services.

Among the companies it has helped and/or supported include the following: Keen HomeEnertivAgrilystHonest BuildingsEnerKnolRadiator LabsVoyage Control,EcoLogic SolutionsVoltaiqREGEN EnergyBandwagonSealedHEVO PowerSistine Solar,RentricityEcologicalBlocPowerMJ BeckDG Energy PartnersAnellotech, Inc.Lumiode,ClearGrid EnergyCleanCapitalEV-BoxThinkEcoSmarter Grid SolutionsProjectEconomics,Sollega and Smart Data Science.

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