Mental Canvas thrills with breakthrough 3D drawing tool

NEW YORK–“Prepare to be blown away,” a co-host teased an audience of 400 at the NY Tech Meetup last February 9. Mental Canvas did just that as the presenters showed how they drew on a tablet computer and it just came to vivid 3D life. It can certainly revolutionize storyboarding for a host of industries — film, graphic arts, comic books and advertising, just to name a few.

Mental Canvas was developed by two developers in only 4 months but after considerable research that took 10 years. It presented last among a diverse field of presenters such as Cognitoys, Didit, Funnster, NeverLate, NYC Councilmatic, Trade It, Shareablee, Virgil and Voodoo. Some of them, including Mental Canvas and Funnster, will be available soon. is ready to advance tech legislation and better track what’s happening in the NY Council, especially as it fights for the rights of its citizens, including freelancers. It reported that freelancers lose 6,000 in annual income for unpaid jobs. The site hopes to increase local engagement and public dialogue to better address concerns of New Yorkers.

Do we need another online brokerage firm? Trade It thinks you need not even go to one, if what it presented can take off. What if we told you that you could already start trading from the site you’re reading about a particular company? Trade It says it has pre=set APIs and SDKs and all the documentation you need to find out if it will work for you. It reportedly has security encryption.  

3D prints are everywhere these days, but if you wondered how fast you can print in high volume, Voodoo claims it can do the work in less than two weeks.

Are apps making our lives easier? Funnster is a platform that reportedly makes every occasion planning between friends fun, easy and simple. CEO Amnon Israel was almost unnerved by the technical difficulties in his presentation but he managed to make light of the situation which endeared him to the crowd. It helped that his app offers a solution to pressure on party hosts. With the app, invitees can figure out what anyone is bringing and paying for to make the party successful.

There’s Linkedin and then there’s scoring your career via Virgil, which aims to help you better navigate your career path. There’s DidIt NY, which offers you ways to create your own list of go-to places. There’s Shareablee now in its third year, measuring all social interactions, so you can find out the networks you need and those you need to discard.

From Coalition for Queens, NeverLate had the crowd chuckling. It’s an app to keep you from being late, because it commits you to paying a fine.

Making the rounds of New York is CogniToys and how how the smart toy, powered by Watson and a huge crowdfunding success on Kickstarter, learns and grows with your child.

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