Museums, exhibitions get digital and 3D treatment

NEW YORK–Last May 3, the NY Tech Meetup featured 10 startups with founders barely out of college or high school sharing the stage with other more matured founders at the monthly event held at NYU Skirball Theater.  The night showcased how digital wizardry is also becoming part of museums and various exhibitions nowadays.

Enter the Machine is about the work of New York-based artist and programmer Eric Corriel and how he creates art out of custom software. The work showcases synchronized pulsating light boxes and a computer hard drive turned inside out to show its innards. Corriel raises questions about the digitization of contemporary society, exploring humanity’s dance with technology.

Karolin Ziulkoski, a new media artist, uses technological applications to create immersive experiences through Kokowa. Users from beginner to expert levels can create 3-D virtual spaces using an easy-to-use interface, powerful webGL technology and a growing database of user-created 3D content. They can be good for exhibitions, developing a game, showing off a new product, creating a 3D photography library, flying through an architectural model, and exploring new worlds.

Complementing the former two startups, presenter Local Projects showed how it works as an experience design and strategy firm that tests the limits of human interaction. It has won top prize in many design interaction awards. If you find yourself interacting with a digital artwork at the 9/11 Memorial Museum and Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, it’s not farfetched to think it’s Local Projects’ work.

Another presenter in a similar vein, Luxloop focuses on finding new ways to captivate and inspire our fellow humans with its creative technology, with Meural presenting itself as the canvas for the digital age. Fancy a digital art on your wall? Meural is equipped with a set of motion sensors and gesture recognition software that allows you to change your screen by waving your hand through the air.  


Now if you have similar ideas as all these companies, pitch to NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator for art, design, and technology founded by the New Museum.  

Other presenters at the meetup were SAM Labs, for fans of Internet of Things as it offers a toolkit for creating your own smart inventions.

Beaker Notebook is an open source polyglot UI for visualization and data analysis; Get Accent helps you read the news in a foreign language and Drone Regulator automatically monitors and enforces flight restrictions on drones.

For those who like practical ideas that can help you earn extra money, Peer Wifi demonstrated how you can sell your mobile hotspot data for other users to buy. It’s hard to do a demo in front of a big audience, but the young founders didn’t find any problems showing us how its platform works in less in few minutes.

Dennis Clemente

Shuttling between New York and other US cities, Dennis writes about tech meetups when he's not too busy working as a Web Developer/Producer + UX Writer and Digital Marketer.

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