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NEW YORK–When every tech meetup seems to be covered at night, count NY Tech Breakfast counts on the early risers to come to its monthly event, now held at Microsoft for the second month. Last September 8, NY Tech Breakfast featured PolicyGenius, Proscape, TableSwipes and LawGo.

NYC TechBreakfast: Proscape, LawGo Inc., Tableswipes inc, PolicyGenius

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015, 8:00 AM

11 Times Sq New York, NY

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How about getting most of your insurance needs online? PolicyGenius’ CTO, Ian Yamey, talked about how the startup guides people to apply for insurance every step of the way, with a coverage calculator to help anyone make informed decisions.

He gave a walk-through of the application online, showing us how it’s easy to just fill in information to get different types of insurance online. “It’s an insurance checkup that takes 10 minutes to do,” he said, adding how it’s important for them to educate consumers about insurance as well.

If you’re shopping for the right company, Yamey guarantees unbiased quote comparisons as it hopes to cater directly to consumers, skipping agents altogether. Other insurance it offers includes pet and renters.

What makes them different? Insurance companies capture your information and sell to multiple insurance brokers/agents, while PolicyGenius claims it’ll work with you personally.

Also, it claims it’s easier to comparison and understand insurance the way it has focused on delivering a great experience.

Proscape helps ad agencies use the marketing app cloud to build and deliver apps–without coding. It makes sense for ad agencies that have to meet insane deadlines from clients everyday.

It’s supposed to reduce your app production times to hours, not months; eliminate the complexity and pain associated with custom app development; build powerful apps that integrate with CRM systems that generate insightful reporting; and give you the creative freedom you need to design in your tool of choice.

Proscape has a different pricing model, even for stores and sales and device, but there is a pricing model for the rest of us at $25 a month.

Since this is clearly targeted for ad agencies, its audience should at least know how to use Adobe Photoshop

Next presenter Prem Babu of TableSwipes said nobody has bridged the gap between owner and waiter with customers. What he means is the wait customers have to endure to be served their food–the wait to get seated, the wait to place orders, the wait for food and finally, the wait again to pay.

His app may just help waiters manage their time more efficiently in between tables and the kitchen. His solution, TableSwipes, will allow Waiters to use their iPhones to take orders at the table. Its app is customer designed and equipped with powerful features to help streamline order-taking. Its payment gateway is Stripe.

Orders can be instantly related to the kitchen on top of giving customers the necessary friendly alerts to help waiters better improve their dining experience.

Another presenter was LawGo. You choose a legal service, purchase the service you need in 5 minutes and get started with your lawyer. What many will like about the service is how you can choose a fixed-price legal service.

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