Reviewing 2015, Moat looks forward to measuring viewability on YouTube in 2016

NEW YORK–Last Dec 9, Uncubed took the holiday season as an opportunity for startups like Moat to discuss their 2015 accomplishments and future plans at its offices in the Lower East Side. By 2016, Moat, an independent SaaS Marketing analytics firm focused on transforming online brand advertising through trusted measurement and analytics, will reportedly be the first third party to measure viewability on YouTube.

Several leading publishers like Verve, agencies, platforms and social networks have already adopted Moat Analytics as a way for them to maximize digital advertising results through viewability tracking as well user and advertising experiences. Twitter is onboard as well.

Founded in 2010, the company develops technologies and products for brand advertisers and premium publishers. Now it measures in-app mobile viewability, increasing efficiency and transparency across mobile campaigns.

“Advertising has become so complex. We can determine if ad viewing is human or not,” said Ryan Rende of Moat. “Measuring ad effectiveness in most devices is important.”

For those who don’t know what Moat offers, it claims to know how long people watch an ad online and what you can do with that knowledge. “If you watched 4 seconds of ad then perhaps you can just say 4 seconds is an effective ad,” he said.

It does this by injecting snippets of code inside an ad.  The amount of data the company processes every day is now 30 terabytes a day.

Last October, the company was accredited by the MEdia Rating Council (MRC) for mobile viewability for its measurement of viewable ad impressions and relative viewable metrics in both mobile web and mobile in-app.

Moat also provides 100+ real-time attention signals, including in-view impression measurement, exposure time, interaction and other metrics at the campaign, creative, domain and impression levels. It’s been a good year for Moat.

Dennis Clemente

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