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NEW YORK—Last May 26 at the HBO offices, the NY Video meetup featured ConvertMedia, Teleport, TVRunway and Snakt.

ConvertMedia‘s proprietary platform and broad range of video formats allows publishers to strike a balance between revenue goals, the exposure they afford advertisers and how they engage consumers.

Publishers reportedly use ConvertMedia’s video gallery to expand their supply of quality video ad inventory. These outstream video ad units are served through its dedicated programmatic monetization platform, which maximizes fill rates. The platform manages outstream video inventory, with controls for audio, viewability and frequency.

As partner with DSPs, CEO and founder Yoav Naveh said ConvertMedia offers access to exclusive video inventory on premium publishers for desktop and mobile that is brand-safe and viewable. It reportedly delivers over 100B display impressions every month.

TVRunway finds the clothes from your favorite shows with a single click while you watch online. Just by inserting 3 lines of code, retailers can have access to a new revenue stream, increased engagement and verifiable viewer data.

Now you can find your favorite clothes from your favorite shows with just one click at It turns all existing OTT content into an additional revenue stream. With its API, you connect directly inside the online video player, allowing a site’s users to click on clothes worn in the video and buy while watching.

“We don’t pin, tag, collect metadata,” Terena Bells and that means “no plugins, downloads, video editing or tagging.” makes use of machine learning and comparative algorithms to identify items, then displays the top three, real-time matches from about retailers’ available inventories. This approach reportedly makes TVRunway instantly deployable and 100% scalable across all videos, no matter when they were made.

“You just need 3 lines of code to connect to your website. It will never take more than 13 seconds,” she said, stressing it’s a “search engine.”

Everytime you hit buy, we share our money with the distributor. “About 75 percent hit the buy button with 72% user engagement,” she said.

Teleport’s Gavrilo Bozovic presented his interactive online video platform from Sweden. The startup developed a platform which allows distributing scrollable, media-enriched video, through web browsers.

“It’s about giving context to your videos,” he said.

Last presenter was Snakt’s COO and Co-Founder, Tristan Snell.

“Snakt is an invite-only iOS app for video that lets you create ‘video legos’ of 7-second-or-less clips for infinite remixing and compilations,” he said.

Now on open beta in the Apple app store, it is reportedly coming to The Onion while it also continues talking with sports networks.  “You can create private group and make videos on Snakt.”

Some affiliate marketing will be added as well. “You can add your reaction to movie or TV shows,” he said.

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