Gear rental, personalized bedsheets among new e-commerce startups

NEW YORK—Last March 28, District Cowork hosted more than 10 tech startup presentations, the most number of presentations we’ve attended that include feedback from its panel of venture capitalists in this city with Cody Cowan of Cowan NY; Byron Ling of Primary Venture Partners; Jason Fiedler of Red Sea Ventures; Allison KErn of Starvest.

Anjelika Kour, founder and CEO of Brick & Portal, is redefining shopping. Kour said it can scan your inbox and present items you have purchased.

Brick & Portal is a social fashion platform where you can open a store and merchandise it with apparel, accessories, and beauty products from a wide range of top name global retailers and brands. You can customize, build, and curate a personal storefront with your own name and unique url, select the wallpaper and color scheme, then add images, text, and items.

Retailers reportedly handles the shipping of items. “We will scan your inbox. And present you items you have purchased,” she said.

IngotHQ is an AB testing plugin for WordPress sites. Since it claims no one is a CRO expert, it hopes to increase your conversions online. The company reportedly earned $655,200 from its 1-year marketplace deal with MOJO.  It competes against industry leader Optimizely.

EatTiamo’s Pietro Guerrera is offering Italian artisanal produce to address the lack of good authentic Italian food in the US and caters to increasing foodies in the city.

Just arrived 3 weeks ago, EatTiamo claims it has 50 products for sale. It has a revenue model-set up fee from producers. Products are shipped within 2 weeks and more than a month for others from a warehouse in Italy. “Fresh products are impossible to bring here,” he said.

How would you like personalized bed sheets, the kind that speaks to your personality, Flaneur has been taking orders since November last year. It can reportedly make any color for customers and deliver in New York within 7 business days. The customer base accounts or $160,000 in revenue.

GearBooth aspires to be the world’s premier marketplace for musical instruments and instrument guidance. What probably makes it unique is its extensive data collection, user interaction with data and no seller fees. It is addressing the $17 billion market.

It gets 10 percent if you want to sell your own musical instruments on its site.

Serge Lubkin would like to be part of the $16 billion US personal care market. With Jointle, he is offering customers unique and limited eco-friendly products and at the same, helping them save money on products and supplies at the same time.  

Adventure travelers, Rent Ride Return offers you gear rental. The site hopes to be part of the market estimated to be $646 billion. The platform also offers ways for you to save money on rent and rides. As the name suggests, the platform will take care of those three things for you.

Another presenter, CoSign, turns images into digital storefronts. It’s reportedly the first mobile app to make photos shoppable.

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