Startup hopes to take film production paperwork online

NEW YORK– If you’re looking for startups in its early MVP stage, Silicon Alley Council’s meetup last March 23 at Microsoft in Times Square offered impromptu presenters a chance to talk about their startups. Tim and Dhalsa were two of the presenters.

Michael Dearborn of Tim talked about how being an associate director mean filling up 23 pages of paperwork, a standard in the TV, video and production business these days. Those pages include call sheets and schedules.

Tim is taking film production paperwork online. Dearborn said the site  is still in prototype but it will have dual encryption process.  All the documents will reportedly be in the site, so you can toggle between multiple productions.

It aims to have one universal packet that works for every future new-hire regardless of position or union with a permissions-based system so you can choose who edit, view and upload materials; differentiate between core crew and day players and see information specific to their position. Some accounting matters, including payroll, can be downloaded. Sensitive information like Social Security numbers will reportedly be kept for a short period of time.   

Dhalsa hopes to be an alternative to celebrity endorsements as a strategy for building global brand recognition on a large scale.

It hopes to solve the problem for corporations who spend millions of dollars in celebrity endorsements, as it claims to have developed a better solution for global brand recognition than celebrity endorsements using a suite of original products developed within the Social networking and entertainment industry.

Its solution hopes to provide any company with global brand recognition. These include a social networking platform and branding in their music groups and feature films.

The meetup allows anyone to present as long as technology is “applicable to consumer technology,” is “not commercially available on the mass market and “must be demonstrable as a prototype or software mockup.”

Dennis Clemente

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