Buzzfeed Tasty’s Quadrant Video System Makes Choosing 4 Recipes Easier

By Dennis Clemente

NEW YORK— How would you like to do things in 4 ways? asked Alvin Zhou of Buzzfeed Tasty at the Design Driven meetup last December 13 at Buzzfeed.

Now if this applied to your life, imagine being able to restart your day four times, so you can pick the best one and end up with a perfect day. Of course, we don’t live in that world. But Tasty on Buzzfeed does. Watching, say, breast chicken baked in four ways certainly saves you time searching for recipes on Google or YouTube.

The videos are presented in quadrants and come easy to digest the way they’re edited. They’re edited precisely to make 4 videos fly by like it’s just one video. Best of all, the quadrants give us four recipes to choose from in one video. You’re bound to click on one video – and before you know it, you’ve seen them all; the way Buzzfeed presents them animatedly.

Zhou was joined by 3 other presenters, Emery Wells, CEO and founder of; Caroline Wurtzel, designer of Bustle and Laney Caldwell, product manager of