TripExpert opens API to developers

NEW YORK–Last March 9, TripExpert, Pass the Plate LLC, Criteek and TenViz presented at the NY Tech Breakfast at Microsoft in Times Square.

TripExpert, the platform for expert (media) reviews on travel, announced its API at and an upcoming beta of its app weeks from now. TripExpert gets eyeballs through media syndication, according to Emily Hughes and Andrew Nicol.

Referring to the difference between media-based reviews and user reviews? “There are huge disparities in the reviews,” he said, citing the prevalence of fake reviews in high-end hotels.

TripExpert extracts a piece of information (from media), so it doesn’t need permission, although in some cases, they negotiate with individual publications.

TripExpert puts more weight on opinion or reviews of some pubs.

Next presenter, Pass the Plate makes giving to charities easier with its phone app as it pointed out the $360 billion opportunity in donation industry, citing a Blackbaud index.

It also sees a fragmented market and think his app can address the needs of 1.6 million registered non-profit companies in the United States. A donor can give to non-profit companies from one location. A 501 c3 company,  it charges 50 US cents per transaction fee and get 2.65 percent. For every donation, it mails the check to the recipient. It needs to vet non-profit companies and one way to do that, as suggested by an audience, is to have mission statements visible on the app.

Criteek presented its Saas platform , which automates the process of sourcing, hosting, curating and streaming video product reviews. Beyond eyeballs, it hopes to get clients, brands and retailers on board its B2B platform. Right now, it focuses on sports reviews.

“We are going (for) retailers (as) they are already in touch with their customers,” Kyle Wilkinson said.

Predictive analytics for finance and investment management is TenViz’s business It offers a range of data-driven solutions using both traditional statistical and most recent machine learning tools to solve complex problems for customers.

It will focus in the following areas: asset management, retail banking, commercial banking, retail and consumer goods, energy and utilities. It is $90 a month after its free trial.

Addressing comparisons with Bloomberg, Konstantin Fominykh said TenViz is more analytical.  Getting critical information days ahead of an investment would really be good, one pointed out.  

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