Workload management firm launches new Grid Engine, among others

NEW YORK—Last July 20, Univa, the leading innovator of workload management solutions that optimize throughput and performance of applications, containers and services, introduced new products and featured some of its cutting-edge technologies, including Univa Grid Engine 8.4.0, Unisight 4.0, Univa Short Jobs and Navops at Tech Days at the Marriott in the city.

Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Canada and Germany, the company assists companies in managing thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day to obtain actionable insights and achieve faster time-to-results.

It is known for its proprietary software that optimizes workloads within data centers and cloud services and its deep expertise in distributed data

Its Grid Engine manages workloads automatically, maximizing shared resources and accelerates deployment of any container, application or service.

The solution can reportedly be deployed in any technology environment, on-premise or in the cloud. By using Univa Grid Engine software, enterprises and organizations can deliver products and results faster, more efficiently, and with lower overall costs.

With Univa Grid Engine, workloads are reportedly shared across machines in a data center to optimize the computing infrastructure. Scheduling policies are then applied to all work submitted to the cluster, ensuring high-priority jobs are completed on time while simultaneously maintaining maximum utilization of all cluster machines.

The solution also monitors any resource or software license and schedules applications ensuring they are automatically matched to the appropriate licenses and machines.

In terms of scalability, it can reportedly scale to a cluster of 120,000 cores in a single managed environment. A single Grid Engine cluster can contain more than 10,000 nodes and run 100 million jobs per month.

The solution continuously collects metrics from all cluster nodes. Afterwards, it uses scheduling strategies configured by the administrator to evaluate all pending workloads and match specific job requirements to available resources.

Ian Foster, founder, was present at the event presided by CEO and president Gary Tyreman. For more information, visit

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