Solving technical challenges in ad tech

By Dennis Clemente

How many ads were served in 2008? Zero! Fast forward to 2014 and the total ads served are now close a hundred billion a day. As a result, ad technology (now simply called ad tech) companies in lower Manhattan have become a hotbed of technology, delivery and marketplace, focused on solving technical challenges at massive scale.

Last April 10, LaunchLM and CloudRFP presented NSOne, AeroSpike and MediaMath to talk about the solutions they are pursuing to meet the scalability and performance demands of modern digital advertising.

Kris Beevers, founder and CEO of NSOne, said nothing is fullproof, but he believes his company has worked hard to offer the following: perfect visibility in real time; high frequency; granular; and low latency.

Brian Bulkowski, founder and CTO of AeroSpike and Roland Cozzolino, CTO at MediaMath talked about real data and real solutions.

“We avoid hot spots to maintain tight latency, provide immediate consistency with replication and ensure long-running tasks do not slow down,” he said.

Later, Sam Machiz, VP of Solutions Engineering at Internap; Troy Paradiso, senior Systems Engineering manager at A10 Networks; James Marcus, director of IT at PulsePoint joined Beever, Bukowski and Cozzolino in the Q&A forum to address the needs of the online, mobile and mixed-content advertising space.

At present, the group is looking forward to improving the following:
• Global traffic distribution challenges and solutions at high scale
• Scaling distributed bidding engines to 100k+ QPS and responding <100ms • Consuming the internet's impression feed: queuing and real-time data systems in digital marketing Moderated by Zachary Smith, the meetup was held by Launch LM at Stack Exchange in Lower Manhattan. LaunchLM was designed to embrace collaboration, the diversity of industries, and the pursuit of progress. Developed by the Alliance for Downtown New York in collaboration with a group of technology, venture capital, urban planning and real estate professionals who share a desire to help grow innovation and build community in the central business district, LaunchLM intends to connect and support the growing tech community in Lower Manhattan. Learn more about LaunchLM at

Dennis Clemente

Shuttling between New York and other US cities, Dennis writes about tech meetups when he's not too busy working as a Web Developer/Producer + UX Writer and Digital Marketer.

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